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Excesor Trading t/a Excesor Web Design & IT Solutions is an IT (Information Technology) value adding service provider operating in the Eastern Cape Province. Our key business area is to render IT support services on installations and maintenance of IT infrastructure for our clients. We are also resellers of computing equipment and supply office solutions. We focus on working with our clients as strategic partners to help them become high performing businesses and government departments. The business is founded on strong value grounds and realistic goals, with our mission being to make sure that any service that we provide; we do so with scintillating excellence. We operate at the core values of our business as a guideline to archive competitive service with excellence.

Our company is one of the fastest growing IT Company not just only in Mthatha but in the former Transkei region (East of Eastern Cape). Since our establishment in 2011 we have grown rapidly to gain strength and from the customer service point. Excesor is operated and managed by its shareholders who are involved in the business from day to day. Our business philosophy is driven by performance, experience, commitment, entrepreneurial flair and long term success of the company.

Our team is made up of skilled, multi talented and experienced individuals certified on technologies they specialize on. We strive to keep our staff as motivated as they could be in order to serve our customers with enthusiasm.